While I love to make homes beautiful, the single most important thing I can do for my clients is to address their needs. The safety of my clients’ children and pets is so important to me. We all want our homes to be a safe haven, but all too often parents, grandparents, and other family members accidentally overlook the dangers of window cords in their safety efforts.

In just the past 7 years, there have been over 50 deaths of young children due to window cord strangulation. Pets also are at risk of injury or death due to window cords. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission “has identified window coverings with cords as one of the top five hidden hazards in the home.” Corded window coverings were third in a list of the top 5 hidden hazards in a home, following magnets and recalled products.

Window cords third-place ranking on the list of hidden hazards is surprising to some, given that cords are considered more dangerous than tipping furniture and pools and spa drains. While parents often install furniture anchors and keep children away from pools, the dangers of window cords are often overlooked.

To keep children safe, “CPSC recommends the use of cordless window coverings in all homes where children live or visit”. A cordless window treatment is raised and lowered by gently pushing or pulling the top or bottom rail to the desired height. Eliminating dangling cords is the recommended solution to keep children and pets safe.

October is the right time to keep these discussions going, because October is National Window Covering Safety Month. As a professional in the field, I believe it is my responsibility to make families aware of the risk from window cords. It is always surprising to me that despite the number of articles and warnings published on this safety hazard, so many homes still have dangling cords that pose a serious and potentially fatal risk to children and pets.

In fact, most families do not realize the alarming statistics. The Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital conducted a study to show the real risks to children. Studies have concluded that “once a month a child between 7 months and 10 years old dies from window strangulation and another child suffers a near strangulation”. Four major hazards have been identified:

  1. Pull cords, like those found on many wooden or plastic blinds.
  2. Nylon cords or looped bead chains, also found on wooden or plastic blinds as well as vertical blinds.
  3. Roman shades inner cords.
  4. Lifting loops of roll-up blinds, typically a white or natural faux-bamboo style.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has called for all window blinds with cords to be eliminated. A recent study showed that between 1990 and 2015, window blind cords were responsible for 16,827 reported injuries and 271 deaths. That’s 271 deaths among children that could have been prevented by simply replacing corded window treatments with cordless products.

My product lines include a wide variety of child safe cordless shades that are beautiful and safe. From traditional and affordable to high-tech and high-end, there is a product for every style and every home. Clients that call during the month of October will get a free cordless upgrade on a variety of Hunter Douglas window treatments, because no family should have to choose between safety and affordability.

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