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Custom Sheers

Custom Window treatments by Rebecca specializes in beautiful, functional custom window treatments.
Our custom sheers filter harsh sunlight filling a room with a soft glow. Sheers provide an element of privacy while still allowing light to pass through. We offer dozens of colors and patterns in varied opacities. Pair sheers with drapes for a formal look or allow the sheers to stand alone, creating a modern look.

Things to Consider When Buying Custom SHEERs

Colors and Patterns

Pairing with Curtains

Filtering Light


Do you have fire retardant material for commercial sheers?

Yes, we offer many colors and styles.

What is the fullness of your custom sheers?

We make all our sheers 3:1 fullness. This makes for a nice custom look.

Do you have different sheer fabrics and colors to choose from?

Yes, we carry sheer material in dozens of colors and patterns.


We are experts and can answer all your questions
and help create your perfect window treatments.