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Custom Roman Shades

Rebecca specializes in custom Roman shades! With so many styles, materials, and the need for precise measurements choosing the right Roman shades can be difficult for the average home owner. Rebecca can help!

With your FREE in-home consultation she will:

  • Bring actual Roman shade samples to your home or office so you can see how they will look on your windows… no guess work!
  • Use her 20+ years of product and design experience to inspect your windows and walls for common pitfalls that derail seemingly simple projects.
  • Take precise measurements so you don’t have to wonder, “was that 32 5/16s or 32 1/4 inches?” Phew!
  • Order directly from the manufacturer so there isn’t any middleman and you don’t have to do a thing.
  • Have her team of 20-year, professional installers install and test all of your Roman shades to ensure that you have a working system that will last for years.

All that and you didn’t have to spend hours in a store or online.

Rebecca carries many tones and colors with an array of options sure to fit your light and privacy needs.

Have a specialty shaped window such as an arch? No problem, she can make a Roman shades to fit.

Have a budget? No problem, with so many options she can find the right products to stay within your budget.

Contact Rebecca to get started today.

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    Rebecca will come to your home or office with window treatments and upholstery samples… and tons of ideas to help make your decorating dreams a reality. Start by scheduling a quick and free phone consultation!

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